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Waiting to get somewhere, while my daughter plays on the playground, for a meeting, dinner to be ready, practices and appointments. Our life keeps me busy, but I enjoy a few minutes here and there to be quiet and creative. I find that keeping my hands busy, tends to calm my mind. And being creative refreshes my soul.
I love mixing color and texture! I combine a variety of materials to create each unique piece. Each item is designed and completed as it's own work of art. This goes for the knitted items as well as the jewelry.
When a friend asked me if I could help her friend in Haiti sell her beads, I said let me see what I can come up with. Here it is!
Some of my materials are purchased new. Most materials are donated, gifted, secondhand or repurposed. Because of this, I' m often unsure of the type of yarn,stones or metals.
Earring hooks are always new and copper plated, sterling silver or 14k gold. If I know it is listed.
Items are shipped in reused packaging, when available. Not only are we reducing waste, but your wallet benefits as well!

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